Krystyna Maultrie

Krystyna Maultrie
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    Foto Gliwa
This is my daughter Krystyna. This picture was taken when she was probably in the 3rd grade, at the end of the school year. It was taken at the best photo studio in Wieliczka, ?Foto Gliwa? and the owner, Ms. Gliwowas took it herself. After the war, from the remains of the estate I had some money, after the sale of the house in Staroniwa (I didn't manage to get anything else back), we bought that house in Wieliczka. And this is where I lived and gave birth to two children. Ala was born in 1945 in Tarnow and when she was a year old she got sick with Heine-Medina, because there was an epidemic in Poland at that time. Krysia [Krystyna] was born in 1950 and Edziu [Edmund] in 1951. Krysia managed to be accepted at AGH [University of Science and Technology, in Cracow], because my husband worked in metallurgy, at the Ironworks, and somebody from there helped. She was not well suited for these studies, metallurgy, but this was the only department which accepted her, although she had excellent grades. Then my brother Zygmunt wrote me from London, 'What will you do with those children there? There's no future for them. Send them to me, I'll take care of them.' Ala stayed, but Krysia and Edziu, who had just graduated from high school, were supposed to go. Edziu was about to be drafted into the army. He was terrified, he didn't want to join the army. He was terrified, because he had heard what they do there and he received notification that he had to show up one day before Christmas. Meanwhile, I was arranging all the papers from my brother and everyone was saying they wouldn't let him leave the country. And he left at the last moment. It was in 1970. Later, they came to get him. To our house. That's how it was. But Zygmunt had taken those two children of mine to England and helped set them up there. i

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Interviewee: Salomea Gemrot
Jolanta Jaworska
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Wieliczka, Poland


Krystyna Maultrie
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works for a computer company
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