Kati Andai's mother Margit Erdos at home

Kati Andai's mother Margit Erdos at home
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Mother in our flat in Klauzal street. I still have the glass cabinet and the wardrobe. We lived on Klauzal Square until I was 16 years old. It was a very strange little, two-room flat. I liked the fact that it was on the top floor and there was no attic upon it. So it was horribly hot in summer, there was the slate roof above us. And that flat had a strange room, which was the attic, but it was on the same level as our flat. We kept there the lumber and the winter apples. In one room there were the two parental beds, and at the end of them there was the couch, crosswise, where I slept. There were these two wardrobes you can see now, a little square table, nothing else could fit in. The other room was definitely a dining-room, with dining-room furniture. And this bookcase, which I still have, was also in the dining-room. There was a rather large vestibule, where we used to have lunch in the summer. A very decent sized kitchen opened from there, and from there a decent sized larder. There was a folding-bed, which she opened in the evening. We were on good terms with almost everybody in the house. All the flats looked on an open corridor which surrounded the courtyard. and we children played on this corridor and when we made too much noise, the janitor shouted at us. There were a lot of children of the same age, Jewish children -- it was a bourgeois Jewish house -- and all the parents new each other as well and they often visited each other. There was a piano teacher for example on the fifth floor, I started learning to play the piano from her. We didn't have piano but we had a neighbor below us and I could practice on their piano. We moved from this flat in 1934.

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Interviewee: Katalin Andai
Dóra Sárdi, Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary


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Kati Andai's mother Margit Erdos
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