Kati Andai's maternal grandmother Berta Brichta

Kati Andai's maternal grandmother Berta Brichta
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My maternal grandmother. My mother's whole family lived in Oberland [today in Slovakia]. I don't know anything about them, they all died, nobody survived. My grandparents lived in Kassa [today: Kosice]. They were not orthodox (nobody was in the family), no, they weren't religious at all. I think their mother-tongue was German. My opinion is that they spoke German more easily than Hungarian. They talked to me in Hungarian, but not to my mother. Grandmother didn't work, she raised her three daughters, kept the house. When I was born they had a servant, and moreover she was always a Slovak, or as they used to say, a Tot. Later [in the '30s] they had no servant any more. Grandmother wasn't jolly, she was always timorous. She was afraid of everything, and she always saw the dark side. She couldn't really show her feelings; she probably loved me as a grandchild, but I didn't really feel that. She could cook splendidly, and the house was pristine all the time. I went there for the last time when I was 15 years old, never after that. My grandparents poisoned themselves in the ghetto of Kassa, so they were not [deported].

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Interviewee: Katalin Andai
Dóra Sárdi, Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary


Berta Brichta
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somewhere in Upper Hungary
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