Judit Kinszki’s granddaughter Anna

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My granddaughter Anna or Pannika. My daughter went to the Hungarian-Pedagogy faculty. After the first year, in a camp, she met her husband. Peter, who is a mathematician, was in the 4th year at that time. He is not Jewish. Eszter was 20 years old when they got married. They lived at my mother's place at that time, they got a room, and they did their place up nicely. Pannika was born there, in '80. Eszter didn't take off a year from the faculty. When she took her exams, her grandmother took care of the child. In '85 they divorced. Eszter didn't get married again; when they divorced she went to live with another man; he wasn't Jewish either.

Recently Pannika was here with her friend. And they said that they would vote for the SZDSZ [UFD – Union of Free Democrats, Hungarian liberal party] – because “we wouldn’t like to be awakened by the sound of jack-boots marching.”  I think they put it well, and I know what they mean. Those from the SZDSZ don’t wear boots, nor will they.  For hiking yes, but not for anything else.  After what I’ve been through, I like that.  Boots for hiking.”


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Sárdi Dóra
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Budapest, Hungary


Anna Soltész
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