Jozsef Farkas at a professional meeting

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    Romania (1945-1989)
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This picture was taken at a professional meeting in Bekas, I think.

I, Jozsef Farkas, am on this picture fourth from the right in the back. In the front is my colleague Silviu Opris, I can't remember the other ones, and I can't really see who they are. It was a long time ago.

I couldn't go to university because after I started working, I dedicated myself to work. Probably, if I was a bit smarter, I would have done it somehow, because many people did it then. But I wasn't willing to lie down on the job.

In 1952 I was transferred to the same position in Bicaz, to the newly built cement factory. I was there for a year, and in 1953 I was appointed to the Ministry of Construction Materials in Bucharest.

This Ministry was separated from the Ministry of Constructions, but the two ministries, the Ministry of Constructions and the Ministry of Construction Materials were in the same building. I had the same position and tasks as the chief of the planning department at the Directorate of Cement Industry.

We had to organize the whole cement industry of the country there. We decided on the volume of production, conditions, staff and salaries. We did everything; I worked from morning until night.

I joined the Party when I was very young. In theory I accepted the communist ideas at that time, especially when I was a child, it seemed it was a very noble idea. I was an idealist then and believed in these principles.

But as time passed I realized that they had all been distorted, and everything was given to the leaders, and all these were nothing but words, I found out that communism was fake altogether because communism is very nice in theory, and promoted very noble ideas where possible. But how they did it was a totally different story.

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Interviewee: Jozsef Farkas
Emoke Major
Month of interview:
July – August
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Des, Romania


Jozsef Farkas
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Romania (1920-1945)
after WW II:
Departmental head, manager

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