Johana Lichtensteinova

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    Szekely es Tarsa, Budapest - Postyen, VI Andrassy ut 29.

This is a photo of my father’s sister, Johana (Hana) Lichtensteinova, née Urbanova. We called her Hana. For many years, she worked as a member of the Piestany city council, where she was in charge of the social commission. Her husband, Erno Lichtenstein, was the superintendent of a large farm belonging to Count Erdody. The farm was located in the municipality of Rakovice, about eight kilometers from Piestany. They had one son. His name was Leo. He was quite a bit older than I. In the second half of the 1930s, Leo finished his medicine studies in Prague. He was then in hiding there during the entire war, and managed to survive. Before the war, he changed his name to Leo Liska.

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Interviewee: Ladislav Urban
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, Slovakia


Johana Lichtensteinova
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Austria-Hungary pre 1918

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