Janos with his friends in Nogradveroce

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This is me and two of my friends on the banks of the Danube.

We had summer vacation in Nogradveroce every year. My parents took their vacation there for the first time in '24, and they went there until my father's death. My parents spent vacation there for 24 summers, and I spent 20 summers there. We always took the whole household with us, because that was the style. With the servants. From the end of May to the first of October. The Hungaria Rubber Factory gave us their car - it was a dark green, closed, large coupe, with big back doors - there were our baskets, our chests, the whole household went. And we always rented there. Those who were a good deal more well-to-do had their own villas. The aunts were always there for the summer at Nogradveroce too. Pretty much the same company had vacation together, it got to be a big circle of friends. Jews. Mostly Jews. My father always went in to work in the morning, and came back at noon.

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Budapest, Hungary


Janos Dorogi
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Pediatric surgeon

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