Jankiel Dajbog

Jankiel Dajbog
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This is a photo of my grandfather, Jankiel Mordka Dajbog, taken in Kielce. I don't know when and in which circumstances it was taken. We call it 'a core', because you can't see the face of my grandfather in it. I don't know when my grandfather was born; he died when I was around four, so in 1934 or 1935. I remember very little of him, as I visited Kielce maybe twice during his lifetime. I know that he was very rigorous and stern; in fact all men from the Kielce branch of the family were like that. I don't know whether it was their harsh life, or personality-related factors. My grandfather from Kielce taught children Hebrew. In fact, he was brought to Kielce from Brest-Litovsk to organize primary education for children. I don't know whether it was to be for cheder, but I can find out because in the book about Kielce [published by the Kielce Compatriot Society in Israel in 1957] there is a page devoted to Grandfather. It says there that the Hebrew classes were primitive - lacking a curriculum and teaching methods, but that starting the teaching of the language in Kielce was nonetheless to his credit. My father went to Kielce for Grandfather's funeral. Grandfather was buried at the Jewish cemetery.

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Interviewee: Estera Migdalska
Anna Szyba
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Warsaw, Poland


Jankiel Dajbog
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before WW II
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Hebrew teacher

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USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education
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