Izsak Friedman

Izsak Friedman
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    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
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    Laszlo Hunyadi?s Studio
My mother's father, Izsak Friedman, is in this picture, it was taken in Nyiregyhaza in Laszlo Hunyadi's studio in the 1880s. He is my maternal grandfather, but I don't know anything else about him. This is the only picture of him, perhaps my mother kept it, then it was somehow taken to America, because no pictures remained at home. We got everything back the following way: my family had sent the pictures to the relatives originally, then the descendants sent the pictures back after the death of the siblings, because all they had was lost during the Shoah. Based on the picture my mother's father was religious for sure, because in the picture he looks like a rabbi. But I don't know what his occupation was. This wasn't a topic at home. I know my grandparents' name from the marriage certificate of my parents. My father's father was called Ignac Fischer, my grandmother Julianna Weisz. When my parents got married in 1909 neither of them were still alive. [According to the marriage certificate of the parents - see photo no. 17 - only the maternal grandmother had passed away by then.] It is written in the same document that my maternal grandfather's name was Izsak Friedman, his wife was Regina Gluck. My mother's parents lived in Kotaj.

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Interviewee: Magdolna Palmai
Lehotzky Zsuzsanna
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Budapest, Hungary


Izsak Friedman
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before WW II

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