Iosif Feldman and his American wife Anne

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This is Grandfather Iosif Feldman on the right and his wife, Anne, from America. He had remarried there. This picture has the following dedication: ‘In remembrance of last year and to our future reunion. Iosif and Anne Feldman.’

Grandfather Iosif Feldman left for America - I don't know why - and didn't come back until my mother got married. I don't know the reason why Grandfather Feldman and my grandmother got separated, but I know he went to America, where he remarried. I know from a photo that his second wife's name was Anne Feldman.

After my mother's wedding had been announced, I know he came to Barlad and suggested to my grandmother to join him in America. I don't know why my grandmother stayed; by the time my parents had their wedding, my grandmother wasn't married to Iancu Haim yet - this happened much later.

This Feldman did what he was required to do by tradition: as he had a very good financial situation, he gave my mother a dowry - this is how fortune was called back then. So my mother got money from him, and my father used it to set up a medical practice.

Feldman had another daughter in America, but we didn't keep in touch with him or his daughter. After World War I, the bank whose stock he had bought or where he kept his money went bankrupt, and he lost everything. This happened in the period of the Great Depression, between 1929 and 1933. I heard that maybe he committed suicide.

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Roxana Onica
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Braila, Romania


Iosif Feldman
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before WW II

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