Igor Brover and his family

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    Ivanovka village Odessa region
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This is me, Igor Brover, and my family. This photo was taken in Ivanovka village Odessa region in 1945. From left to right: my grandmother Udia Brover, my sister Rosa Garysheva, my sister Raisa Gordienko, my mother Ida Brover. This photograph was taken by a visiting photographer after we returned from the evacuation. We reevacuated from Uzbekistan in late 1944 by train. The trip lasted a month less three days. We sent our baggage separately. Since there were problems with salt at that time we sent a bag of salt with the luggage. Neither the salt nor our most valuable things reached us. They were stolen. We came to our village hungry and cold. Our neighbors helped us and we felt at home again. The kolkhoz gave us the same house where we lived before the war. Of course, there were no belongings left at home. We were sorry they were gone. My parents worked so hard to get them. My mother worked as director of the food and materials storage of the kolkhoz. In late 1945 my father returned and life became easier. He worked as crew leader at first and then he became manager of a mill and the buttery at the same time. Besides, we had a cow, goats and chickens. I was to take care of them. All kolkhoz members having cows had milk hauled by a truck to sell in Odessa. For the money we got from sales we bought food and clothes. In 1947, when bread coupons were cancelled I brought home four loaves of bread and everybody pounced on it, but my grandmother took it away saying: 'You need to take a little piece at a time or else you will feel ill'. So she gave us a little piece at a time.

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Interviewee: Igor Brover
Nicole Tolkacheva
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Kiev, Ukraine


Igor Brover
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Ivanovka village Odessa region
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Working in natural and technical sciences

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Ida Brover
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Russia pre 1917
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after WW II
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