Haya Lea Kats in her Hashomer Hazair group

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A photo from 'Hashamer Hazair,' 'The Young Watchmen'

My friends and I went to the Lvov region, to a pioneer camp. We rented an attic and lived there, sleeping on hay-- boys on one side, girls on the other. We were wearing this kind of uniform: a grey shirt and a dark blue tie. The regular pioneers wore red ties. We had shirts with pockets, whistles, all the stuff. We were all dressed this way. Look at this boy for example: he's got a rucksack on his shoulders and he's wearing our uniform.

In the first row first from the right is Rosa Fisher. She now lives in Israel. She was a figure skater.
In the first row second from the right is Maria Drucker. I don't know anything about her fate.
In the first row third from the right is Osher, I do not know his surname or what happened to him.
In the second row first from the left - I do not remember the person.
In the second row second from the left in a leather jacket - Yakov Dantsker, he was a dentist, we met in Israel in 1989, he left for America.
In the second row third from the left in a beret - I do not remember who this is.
Near him sits a boy who I can't remember either.
In the second row second from the right is me, Haya Nakhmanovna Detinko, at the age of 15.
Near me sits a boy, embracing two girls - I do not remember him.
The third row: first from the right stands Lea, I do not know anything else about her.
Second from the right is Hana Bokser. Hana was arrested together with my friend Haya.
The two guys in berets I do not remember.
In the third row fifth from the right stands Sara Sheinfeld. She lives in Israel now, working as a medical nurse.
In the third row sixth from the right in a white shirt is Yakov Goldberg. He was our supervisor, he also was arrested later. He died in a transit camp, where we were together, of a sunstroke. He studied in the grammar school together with my elder sister Hava.
I do not remember the guy in the third row seventh from the right.
In the third row eighth from the right wearing a kerchief is Buta Bukimer. I know nothing about her.

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Interviewee: Haya-Lea Detinko
Bella Shevchuk
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St. Petersburg, Russia


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Cutter in dressmaker's studio
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Roza Fisher
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Figure skater

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