Hannelore Finkova

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    Czeh Republic
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    Czech Republic
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    Matias (Harry Fink?s stepson)
In this picture you can see my second wife Hannelore, unwrapping Christmas presents. The picture was taken in our apartment in Carlsbad around the year 2000. The photograp was taken by our son Matias. In 1973 I got married for a second time. Hannelore is of German origin. We met in Germany, because I used to go visit installation sites there. Our wedding was in Horni Slavkov. In Slavkov I was living in a small apartment, and because my wife said that she wouldn't live in such a hole - that apartment really was tiny - I took a job with a construction firm under the condition that they give me a three-room apartment in Ostrov. And as soon as they finished the prefab apartments in Carlsbad, we exchanged our huge apartment in Ostrov for our present one here in Carlsbad. An apartment in Carslbad suited us, and them the one in Ostrov, so everyone was happy. Hannelore initially worked as a nurse at the university in Erfurt. They moved from Erfurt to Magdeburg, where we met, because I was working there too. We fell in love, came to an agreement and got married. After our wedding we lived in Slavkov. The first year she didn't work, so that she could learn the language, and then started working in Carlsbad at a spa, where she was assigned, because the spa was looking for nurses that spoke German, English and French, because of foreign clientele. My wife has two boys from her first marriage. Tomas, who was born in 1961, and Matias, he was born in 1963.

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Interviewee: Harry Fink
Barbora Pokreis
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Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Hannelore Finkova
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