Gyorgy Preisz with his family

Gyorgy Preisz with his family
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This is a picture of me with my parents, Gyula and Margit Preisz, nee Blum and my paternal grandparents, Soma and Berta preisz, nee Deutsch. The photo was taken in Nagykata in 1927. My grandfather Soma Preisz was born in Toalmas in the 1860s. I don't know much about him - only that he moved to Nagykata at the beginning of the 1880s, where they married him off to my grandmother, Berta Preisz, nee Deutsch. She was born at the beginning of the 1870s in Nagykata. If I remember correctly, they got married sometime in 1887. My grandfather was a merchant; he had a village general store. They had grocery, haberdashery and drapery goods in the store. My parents met in Nagykata; they had some distant relative in common who invited my mother to Nagykata for some feast or ball, and they met there. They got married in 1921, and I was born in 1922. At that time, after World War I, the housing conditions were bad and they managed to get a one-bedroom apartment in Tisza Street in Budapest. In 1931 they managed to get a comfortable two-bedroom apartment in Visegrad Street. My mother lived there until the time of the yellow star houses. My father died there, I went into forced labor service from there. My mother didn't work because, back then, my father maintained us easily with his bookkeeper's salary. In the Horthy era the husband could earn enough money so that his wife wouldn't have to go work; they wouldn't have let her work anyway because people would speak badly of a man who couldn't maintain his wife and children. In middle-class families women stayed at home. I don't know what my mother did, besides going to the hairdresser, to the dressmaker, and to her girlfriends. She went out for walks, went to drink coffee. I went with her many times. I still know where the dressmaker's was, where the milliner's was, where the hairdresser's was. My mother was an elegant woman and she was beautiful, too.

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Sárdi Dóra
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Gyorgy Preisz
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Női szabó
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