Güler Orgun at the International Horse Show in Istanbul

Güler Orgun at the International Horse Show in Istanbul
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That's me at the Istanbul International Horse Show, with national clothes and the Dutch Flag, in Dolmabahce Stadium in 1959. After my divorce, I returned to Istanbul, lived with my family and worked with my father, went horseback riding, traveled, had a wider and expanding social entourage, or circle of acquaintances and friends. I went to the Istanbul Atli Spor Kulübü [Istanbul Horseback Riding Club] with a friend from elementary school, Rozi Arditti. Thereafter, between my two marriages, from the age of 21 to 28, I went horseback riding and on vacations frequently with friends. When I started to work for my father in 1958, I learned the business. After a year, Mr. Grünstayn, who had acted as our sales person, that is, took the orders, left us and I started to visit the customers myself. By that time, we had obtained the agency of the Ferro Enamels Company of Holland, which produced raw materials, installations, machinery and equipment for the enameling and ceramic industries. I went to Holland to learn the business. In those years, 1958-1959 maybe, I was the only woman who drove herself to factories to sell raw materials and machinery. I was extremely well received. Even in Holland, when we visited factories and foundries, they were surprised to see me, because even there, there were no women in this line of work, and it surprised them all that the first woman to do this should come from Turkey. Because we represented a Dutch factory, I chose to carry the Dutch flag at the Istanbul International Horseshow, with national clothes, in the Dolmabahce Stadium.

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Anet Pase
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Istanbul, Turkey


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