Golda Prajs

Golda Prajs
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    Gora Kalwaria
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This is a photo of my older sister Golda Prajs. I don?t know when it was taken, she was very young then, so probably in the 1920s, in Gora Kalwaria. I don?t have any photo of my other family members, only hers. I was born on 30th December 1916 as Froim Fiszel. I had a sister and a brother. My sister's name was Golda, after Grandma. She was older than me, she was born in 1914. She was a pretty young girl, dark haired. She was a very good student, one of the best in her class. She finished seven grades of the Polish elementary school. When she was 16 or 17 she went to Warsaw and became a bookkeeper in a small soap factory on 12 Radzyminska Street in the Praga district. They paid her rather well, 120-130 zlotys per month. It was not too much, but you could get on. Bread was very cheap back then, 25, 35, 50 groszes, a bun two groszes, five groszes. It was a small workshop in the backyard plus a shop, six or seven people were employed there, they made and sold various soaps and washing articles. My sister lived with the factory's owners, the Hirszhorns, they were Jews. I was in Warsaw once or twice before the war, and stayed with my sister there, once as I was on furloughed from the army. When on 25th February 1941 the Germans deported the Jews from Gora Kalwaria to the ghetto in Warsaw, my sister was already there, she hadn't come back to Gora Kalwaria with the outbreak of the war. I don't know what happened to my family. I lost contact with them on that day. They were gone without a trace.

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Interviewee: Henryk Prajs
Aleksandra Bankowska
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Gora Kalwaria, Poland


Golda Prajs
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Gora Kalwaria
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Accountant in a soap factory

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USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education
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