Genrich Vengrovich

Genrich Vengrovich
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    Russia, pre 1917
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This is my father's younger brother Genrich Vengrovich. This is one of the three photos of my parents? family, my father kept as a keepsake when he left his parental house in 1913. The picture was taken in Warsaw in the 1910s. I know little about my father's family. I never met my paternal kin. My father didn't talk much about them either. My father, Mark Vengrovich [he later changed his surname to Mikhailov because of communist ideology], was born in 1897 in Warsaw. It was the territory of the Russian empire at that time. As father told me grandfather was a merchant of Guild I, a very wealthy man. They lived in the center of Warsaw. I also know that my father had a younger brother named Genrich. When my father left home, Genrich was in his junior year at a lyceum. When I was in my teens I remember that my father got a message from Genrich saying, 'Still alive and kicking.' That's it. No news came from Genrich after this time. Father went to trade school in Warsaw, but didn't finish it. My father was fond of communist ideas, and he left home when he was 16. He stopped being in touch with his family then. He went to Russia, and never came back to Warsaw.

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Interviewee: Jacob Mikhailov
Ella Levitskaya
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Moscow, Russia


Genrich Vengrovich
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after WW II

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