Gavril Marcuson's birth certificate

Gavril Marcuson's birth certificate
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This is my birth certificate, issued by the City hall of the Commune of Bucharest, the Civil Status Office, on 29th October 1913. Here's what it says. ?Birth card no.8227; last name: Marcussohn; first name: Gavril; male gender, born at 8:15 a.m., on 28th October, at 63 Viilor St., registered today; son of Mr. Leibis Marcussohn, aged 26, unemployed, and of Mrs. Eveline, nee Weisselberg, aged 21. This card was issued in order to serve him at the religious ceremony.? The signatures of the Officer of the Civil Status Office and of the head of the service follow. There are two mentions in the upper part: the graduation from 1st grade (June 1920) and the registration in 2nd grade (August 1920). My name is Gavril Marcuson [the initial name, Marcussohn, was shortened to Marcuson in 1968]. I was born in Bucharest, on 28th October 1913, in the house of my maternal grandfather, an old house on Viilor Dr. Back then, the place was at the outskirts of the city. Today, it's in a semi-central neighborhood, because the city developed so much.We changed our house for a statelier one located on Uranus St., which had belonged to the richest man in the Dealul Spirii quarter, Nita Stere. It was a very nice house, with brick stoves and gas light. Inside there were large rooms with high ceilings. My maternal grandparents lived there with most of their grandchildren.

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Interviewee: Gavril Marcuson
Anca Ciuciu
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Bucharest, Romania


Gavril Marcuson
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