Ferenc Sandor's great-great-aunt Fani Rozsa with her sons

Ferenc Sandor's great-great-aunt Fani Rozsa with her sons
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This is aunt Fani, my great grandmother Celi's sister, and her sons. Aunt Fani was a Jewish schoolteacher in Papa. She had two sons, Geza and Miklos. Geza committed suicide. I do not know why, and I have no more knowledge of him. Miklos was apparently gifted. They apprenticed him to a bookbinder, but it was quite clear that his ambition was to pursue further studies and that was what he did. For some years he spent his summer holidays with my grandmother and grandfather in Sopron. He told my grandfather, his uncle, that he would get a doctorate. ?If you get one" Grandfather said, ?I?ll get my head chopped off.? So when Miklos got his first doctorate, he said, ?Uncle Ferenc, I am coming to chop off your head.? And when he got his second doctorate, he said, ?Uncle, I am coming to chop off your second head!?

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Interviewee: Ferenc Sandor
Dora Sardi, Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary


Fani Rozsa
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