Ferenc Sandor in the orphanage in Cegled

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This is the orphanage for war orphans in Cegled where I started high school. I was completely crushed in that place in the second year. Broke my spine, so to speak. There were a hundred of us there and only one other Jew, who was in the seventh grade. I came second, a second grader. And ninety-eight children teased me for a whole year because I was Jewish. When I managed to get into the infirmary, that was a relief. I remember once it was really cold outside and I was outdoors and did not feel like going in. A bunch of these pests kept following me, and when the teacher noticed that it had something to do with me, he told me off because I did not tell on them, I did not inform him that they were pestering me. He put the responsibility for that scene on me.

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Interviewee: Ferenc Sandor
Dora Sardi, Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary


Ferenc Sandor
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Self-employed craftsman in elite crafts
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Skilled self-employed

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