Ferenc Leicht and his cousin

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This picture was taken in Nagykanizsa in 1937. I am in it with my cousin, Miklos Rosenberg, he is the shorter boy, dressed as bakers in the entrance of my parents' bakery. I was 8 years old, Miklos was 7. 

Miklos is the child of my father's sister, Frida Leicht, my only cousin who survived the Holocaust. During the war, in 1942 or 1943, Frida moved with her husband from Somogycsurgo to a big apartment in Pest, where her husband's relatives lived. Then her husband was drafted into forced labor and was killed. We liked each other with Miklos, because we were very similar in thinking.  He also had a strong Jewish identity, even though later he had a Christian wife.  

He went to Israel already in 1946 at the age of 16 with a youth group and he lived for a while in Pardes Hanna [town in Israel] in a kibbutz. When I was on holiday I visited him. In 1951 he returned and at a course he met a girl who had already had a child, but she was a very nice and pretty girl. They got married and lived together until 1956. They were like doves all the time. Once one of them flew out, then the other one. Miklos left his wife and child at home in 1956 so that they would go after him, and he went back to Israel to the same kibbutz. He lived there until 1962 or 1963, but he couldn't live without his family so he came back again. So he was there two times. When he first came home he magyarized his name to Revesz. He died as Revesz in 1992 in Debrecen where they lived. 


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Interviewee: Ferenc Leicht
Judith Rez
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Budapest, Hungary


Ferenc Leicht
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Jehuda Árje
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product engineer

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Miklós Révész
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after WW II
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Body ironer
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