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This is me as the soldier of the Hungarian People's Army in 1952. 

I was soldier in Zahony, because it was a new Hungarian custom to take those who were from Nagykanizsa to Zahony, and those who were from Zahony to Szombathely, those from Szombathely to Szeged, and those from Szeged to Gyor and so on. I was a soldier for 2 years, I was bald for 1 year out of these 2, and I couldn't leave the barracks for 6 months because they didn't let the recruits to go out. When I could have gone out after half a year I had to wait another 6 weeks to have my name changed, because they couldn't spell my name on the leave-pass. They had drafted me for 3 years, but Imre Nagy came with his 1953 program when they said that they had to economize on everything that wasn't absolutely necessary. And they let one third of the army leave, they demobilized us. 


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Interviewee: Ferenc Leicht
Judith Rez
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Budapest, Hungary


Ferenc Leicht
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Jehuda Árje
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product engineer

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