Fany Moise

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    United Kingdom

This photo pictures my cousin Fany Moise, actually we called her Fegeol. Her mother died when giving birth and she was raised by my maternal uncle, Moritz Moise, who was married in London and came especially to take her. I think it was the year 1927. This picture was taken in London in 1936.

My mother had a sister, Betty Madrisovici (nee Moise), and four brothers: Carol Moise, Pascal Moise, Moritz Moise and Strul Moise. Moritz left for London were he had a ready-made clothes shop. At some point he changed his name from Moritz Moise to Moritz Hoffman which means ‘hope-man.’ Strul and Pascal remained in the country where they had an alehouse. Betty lost her husband, Marcu Madrisovici, and their three sons – Strul, Iancu and Lupu – in the Iasi pogrom.

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Interviewee: Iancu Tucarman
Cosmina Gusu
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Bucharest, Romania


Fany Moise
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