Ewa Buszko’s Holy Communion

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This is my daughter, Ewa, at her Holy Communion. She is with her cousin, Bogda. The photo was taken in Warsaw in the 1960s.

In 1952 I married Henryka. There's two years' age difference between us. She isn't Jewish. We met in Warsaw through a common friend.  Our daughter Ewa was born in 1953, and a son, Witek, followed in 1954. 

My daughter, Ewa, lives in Poland. She went to school to Czternastka, then to Queen Jadwiga's on Wawelska. She has a degree in agriculture. Then she got married, her husband works for a foreign company, he's got a degree in archaeology. They have one son, Bartek. A handsome boy, tall, 185 centimeters. He was born in 1988. He's studying inland construction at the Warsaw University of Technology. Ewa's husband is a Catholic, a boy from Ochota, he isn't dim, though his mother hardly ever leaves the church, but that isn't a problem. Since she's been to Israel, I'm an older brother in faith, I'm virtually as good as holy. The relationship is really okay. I meet my daughter, my son-in-law on an everyday basis, and with her parents-in-law we also get together from time to time.

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Warsaw, Poland


Ewa Buszko
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