Esphir Kalantyrskaya’s cousin Bluma Agranovich

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My cousin Bluma Agranovich, the daughter of my father's sister Anna in Klintsy in 1928. Bluma perished during the war. Bluma was shot in the town of Klintsy along with other Jews. Photo of 1928. Signed: "To my dear Uncle Samuil from his niece Bluma. The picture is meant to bring memories, but I would be hoping to see you soon with joy". 

My grandfather was a very good jeweler. His jewelry was in big demand of the local merchants. Even representatives of the noble circles were his customers.   My father's mother Malka was a housewife and looked after the children.  My grandfather had a big house. His shop was on the first floor.  It was a small shop. He didn't need much space. The rest of the house belonged to the family. They had many children: their older son Pinhus and younger son  Samuil and daughters Hana, Riva, Dora, Bertha and Zhenia. They were a wealthy family and could afford a housemaid and a cook. My grandfather's family was rather religious. At least even in the late 1920s when I knew them my grandfather had a pew at the synagogue, prayed every day and observed religious holidays and traditions.

I know that Hana's name after her husband was Agranovich. Her daughter Bluma and her sons Samuil, Lazar and Aron were my friends for many years. Lazar became my sister's husband. 

Hana died before the Great Patriotic War. Her daughter Bluma that lived in the town of Klintsy with her husband was killed during the war along with other Jews.  Lazar and Samuil perished at the front and severely wounded Aron died around 1948. 


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Interviewee: Esphir Kalantyrskaya
Zhanna Litinskaya
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Kiev, Ukraine


Bluma Agranovich
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Russia pre 1917
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