Elsa Franko's wedding at Neve Shalom Synagogue

Elsa Franko's wedding at Neve Shalom Synagogue
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    Foto Belman
This picture was taken at the wedding of my daughter Elsa to Vitali Franko, at the Neve Shalom Synagogue in Istanbul, on 8th August 1974. This is a photo close to the Ehal, just after the blessing of the Rabbi and the congratulations by the visitors. From left to right: Maurice Asseo (Lina's husband), David Abaruh (my late brother-in-law, my sister Anna's husband), Albert Abaruh (David's son), Emelie ?, David Perahya (my son), myself, my wife Klara, the bride Elsa Perahya Franko, the groom Vitali Franko, Matilde Franko (Vitali's mother), Albert Franko (Vitali's father), ?, Lina Asseo (my daughter, Maurice Asseo's wife), Bronnie Perahya (David's wife), Fortune Mazaltov Angel (my mother-in-law), Klara Rottenberg (my mother), Mrs Abaruh (Vitali's grand mother). In the first row our two grand-daughters, Lina's daughters: Elsa (nick-named Zizou) and Camille. My daughter Elsa studied psychology in France. Afterwards she returned home and married Vitali Franko, the son of a Jewish family in Istanbul, who was a student at INSA [Institut National des Sciences Appliquees, National Institute of Applied Sciences] also at Lyon, and then returned to France. Later they moved to the US and they still live there. From Elsa, I have two grandsons named Alp or Albert, after Vitali's father, and Eli, after me. Unfortunately I don't use the Internet to communicate with my children and grandchildren. For some reason I have been allergic to everything mechanical in my life. Luckily my wife Klara can manage to deal with the computer and manages our communication for both of us.

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