Eliasz Dajbog with the Committee of the Zionist Organization in Kielce

Eliasz Dajbog with the Committee of the Zionist Organization in Kielce
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The Committee of the Zionist Organization in Kielce. This photo was taken in 1917. In the second row, first on the right side, stands my father, Eliasz Dajbog. My father was a bookkeeper. In my early years, I remember, he worked at a cosmetics plant, it was called L'ami de Paris. It burned down, probably because someone set it on fire. I remember my father had a lot of trouble because of that, he was being summoned for interrogations. During the period when he worked there, my mother walked door-to-door with the cosmetics, trying to sell them. Around 1935, Father got a job at a radio-technical company at Elektoralna Street, where he worked until 1939. I'm sure they were making radios because from time to time Father would bring home radios for testing. In his youth, my father belonged to the Zionist organization Hashomer Hatzair, and later, after he had left it, he sympathized with the Bund, though I don't think my parents were Bund members as such. Father wasn't a member for sure, though I know that he was involved in union work at his company, and that union meetings were often held at our home; if they had some problem to discuss, they'd hold a meeting, and Father would preside. So the general mood and the atmosphere was definitely leftist.

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