Eduard Batitskii, Emma Nikonova's brother

Eduard Batitskii, Emma Nikonova's brother
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My younger brother, Edward Babitsky was born in 1935 and graduated from the technical school. He served in the navy fleet. He currently lives with his family in Israel and now Edward works in the oil industry there. He likes his profession. We were was lucky to work in good collectives. We were only irritated by the fact everyone was now and then summoned to 'The First Department' and asked of where one was during the war, about the fate of one's close relatives, etc. We were both scared of the First Departments. ['First Department' or the 'Special Secret Department' looked into those who had access to national secrets in the defense industries. For those who worked in such industries, they couldn`t go abroad for 10 and more years even after retirement, although their salary was a bit larger than ordinary employees.] When we were applying for the job, we were afraid that we'd be declined if we wrote the truth. Therefore, we did not confess that our father had vanished in the late 1930s. This was before mass rehabilitations.

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Interviewee: Emma Nikonova
Anna Nerush
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Saint Petersburg, Russia


Eduard Babitskii
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Oil worker

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