Dmitri Moshkovich with his friends

Dmitri Moshkovich with his friends
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This is a picture of my son Dmitri Moshkovich and a friend. Rabbis from Israel teach the men to put on tefillin. The photo was taken in Uzhgorod in 2001. After finishing school my son entered the Technical Faculty of Lvov Polytechnic College, which had an affiliate in Uzhgorod. He completed his studies in Lvov. He is a radio engineer. After finishing college he returned to Uzhgorod. He worked at a design office. He was an industrious employee and received awards and incentives for his work. He has patent certificates for his own inventions. Dmitri is married and has a son, Henrich, born in 1986. My grandson was named after my father. My son married a Ukrainian girl called Maria. My wife and I had no objections to their marriage. They get along well and have no conflicts related to nationality. Our son supports and helps us. Although my daughter-in-law is not a Jew, my grandson is raised in two cultural environments. I don't know whether he has ever been to church, but Henrich comes to the synagogue every Saturday with his father. My son has a 'Jewish corner' in his house where he keeps his accessories for praying and religious books. My son works in the Sochnut, a Jewish organization. Dmitri is the coordinator of the Sochnut in Subcarpathia. He replaced a former coordinator who emigrated in 1997. His change to this position took two days and since then my son has kept it.

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Interviewee: Ivan Moshkovich
Ella Levitskaya
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Uzhgorod, Ukraine


Dmitri Moshkovich
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Working in natural and technical sciences

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