Dino and Jenny Mizrahi

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These people are from my maternal grandparents’ side of the family.

The photo was taken in 1919, here you can see Dino and the woman is Jenny, the mother of Daniel Mizrahi.

Jenny was a niece of my grandfather David Saporta but from his first wife. He had a huge family, he had two wives, from his first marriage he had two girls and because his wife died he married my grandmother Ester who also was a widow and had a son from her first marriage called Benveniste. So they had five children all together.

My grandfather David Saporta was an employee of a pharmaceutical company and he was a respected person. However, he died early and left his children orphans.

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Interviewee: Albertos Beraha
Annita Mordechai
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Athens, Greece


Jenny Mizrahi

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Dino Mizrahi

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