Deniz Nahmias and her dear friends

Deniz Nahmias and her dear friends
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In this photo you can see me with my dear friends. I am the second from left, also in this picture are: Florence Hristofilidou, Koula Georgiadou, Nitsa Oikonomou and Rita Iliopoulou. It was taken in Thessaloniki in the 1980s. Here in Thessaloniki I used to visit the coffee shop 'Totis' with my friends. We were going there until very recently. We kept this tradition for almost thirty years. I remember, the well-known photographer of Thessaloniki, Takis was his name, had his studio next to the coffee shop. He took pictures of us all the time. I still have friends who come to our meetings. Their names are: Rita Iliopoulou, Florence Hristofilidou, Koula Georgiadou, Nitsa Oikonomou. We used to go two or three times a week for a couple of hours, in the morning. Every Thursday Lilika Papadimitriou, Silas Papadimitriou's wife, used to join us. She belonged to the left wing; now she is dead? This was our place. And some still go. I have stopped going. We used to talk about many things. We were psychoanalyzing each other. We were such good friends! You know good discussions are much better than any kind of psychotherapy. I had a friend, Mrs. Eksakoustou Eleni, who lived close to me. We used to go to the meetings together but now we have both stopped. Almost a year ago.

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Interviewee: Deniz Nahmias
Thessaloniki, Greece


Deniz Nahmias
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Nitsa Oikonomou

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