Clara Filderman

Clara Filderman
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This is Clara Filderman, my sister. The photo was taken a few days before classes started, on 9th September 1933, in Focsani. Clara was wearing her uniform - she was to begin the 1st year at the public high school. The main entrance of the high school is visible in the background. She was friends with almost everyone in her grade, especially with Adina Rabinovici. Her father was an engineer and later taught geometry and Hebrew at the Jewish High School. Clara had very nice schoolmates, but, unfortunately, the war came and those friendships had to come to an end. When she was in high school, my sister Clara had her friends come over on Saturday and my mother would play the piano for them. She was so thorough that she chose her repertoire every week and rehearsed it lest she should make mistakes. I turned the pages for her and she used to ask me how she had played. I didn't know too much about it all, but everything my mother did was very good. She sometimes played with a schoolmate of my sister's, Misu Mendel, who played the violin. It was a pleasure to listen to them. We didn't have too much dancing at our place, though I suppose they liked it.

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Interviewee: Livia Diaconescu
Ciuciu Anca
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Bucharest, Romania


Clara Filderman
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Focsani (died of sickness)

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