Certificate of master in bakery belonging to Zalman Tseitlin

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Certificate of master in bakery belonging to my grandfather Zalman Tseitlin


Smolensk Municipal Administration

Fiscal stamp. One ruble.

The Certificate is issued to Mstsislaw nee Zalman Faibishev Tseitlin by Smolensk Craftsmen Department in accordance with clauses 285, 286, 368, 372, 374, 375, 380 and 384 of Craftsmen Statute as of 1889.
24th of April 1901, ref. #448
Acknowledged as the master of bakery. The certificate is valid till 24th of April 1902. It is provided by the certificate that Tseitlin is entitled for all rights and royalties in accordance with the law regarding guild masters and shall act in strict compliance with the HIGHEST order.

Duly Signed and stamped in Smolensk. 18th of May, 1901.
The head of Craftsman Department Signature
The member of the administration Signature
Clerk Signature
Stamp of Smolensk
Craftsman Department # 786
Smolensk, Silin P.A.

My paternal grandfather Zalman Tseitlin and grandmother Sara-Kreina Tseitlin lived in an ancient Russian city Smolensk. Grandfather was from the Jewish town Mstsislaw. He was born in 1861. Mstsislaw is on the border of Belarus and Russia, not far from Smolensk. I do not know where grandmother Sara-Kreina was born. I think she is from Smolensk. Unfortunately, I do not know her maiden name. Grandfather moved to Smolensk, when he was a grown-up. I still keep certificate of master of bakery belonging to my grandfather. In accordance with that certificate Mstsislaw dweller Zalman Faibishev Tseitlin was given rights and royalties of a guild master as per order of the Emperor. Grandfather was permitted to live in Smolensk not within the Jewish Pale of Settlement. Grandmother was a housewife and raised children.

I heard a family legend on the origin of the last name Tseitlin. When the empress Catherine II [Catherine the Great] was touring Russia, she came to the village of Smolensk province. A beautiful buxom Jewish girl brought bread and salt to the empress. The empress told her: "What a beauty! What's you name?". The girl replied that her name was Tseit. The empress said: "Well, I wish you as the say in Russian proverb 'be healthy as a cow and fecund as a sow'". The girl was some sort of relative of my grandfather. Then she gave birth to 24 sons. All of them carried name Tseitlin. But it was just a family legend. I do not know whether it is true. Grandfather had relatives in England, America and other countries. Unfortunately I do not know anything about them.

In 1890 my grandparents got married. Grandfather and his young wife left for England to seek fortune. They had lived in Manchester, England 4 years. Their first child, my father was born in Manchester in 1892. In accordance with the English law, the baby born in England acquires the citizenship of this country. So my father became British citizen. He was called English name Ellis.

In England grandfather was not a baker. He worked at the steam engine manufacturing plant as a mechanic. He liked the job very much as it gave him the opportunity to use his potential, but the climate was not OK with him. His health was poorer. The doctor said that he had some sort of lung disease and he was recommended to return to his motherland. Grandparents and their little son came back to Smolensk.

Grandfather bought a house in Smolensk and regained work. Grandparents had three more sons in Smolensk: Haim born in 1897, Aron, born in 1899 and the youngest Samuel in 1901. Children were raised as Jews. They went to cheder. They knew Ivrit and prayers. Jewish traditions were observed at home. Sabbath and Jewish holidays were marked at home. The family belonged to middle class. Grandfather wanted all children to get education, but he did not manage. In 1909 grandfather was stricken with pneumonia and died. He was buried on the Jewish cemetery in Smolensk.

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