Bertha Trachtenbroit's father with his son Leonid Trachtenberg and his daughter from his second marriage Iraida Trachtenbroit

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My father Solomon with my brother and his daughter from his second marriage Iraida Trachtenbroit. Moscow, 1946. The photograph made in Moscow in 1946 when my brother visited there. Here Leonid wears the uniform of navy lieutenant with the order of the Red Star.

In 1931 our father left us for a cashier woman from his store. Her name was Lyuba and she was a Jew. They moved to Moscow. He married Lyuba in 1933 and in 1935 his daughter Iraida was born. He was involved in commerce. During the war he lived in Moscow. He became a member of the Communist Party during the war and was awarded a medal "For the Defense of Moscow". This medal was awarded for heroic deeds at the front and for labor in the rear. My father was chief of Trade Department at Kaliniskiy District Committee in Moscow. He kept in touch with my brother Leonid and me. We went to Moscow and met him. My father died in Moscow after a second heart attack in 1966. I went to his funeral. I still communicate with my stepsister Iraida.

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Natalie Fomina
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