Bernhart Sternschein

Bernhart Sternschein
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    Germany, 1870-1945
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This is a photo of my uncle, Bernhart Sternschein, one of my mother's elder brothers. I think this photo was taken in Berlin because Uncle Bernhart stayed there for quite a while. But I really don?t know what he did there. I do know, however, that he married a German Jewish woman there, Jeni. I think they had their first daughter, Marlene there, in Berlin, and when Hitler came to power, Uncle Bernhart returned to Cernauti. But he was deported to Transnistria with his family. He managed to survive, and when he came back to Cernauti with his wife, they had another daughter, Antonia, named after my aunt Antonia and my cousin Ani, who both died during the war. After the war, Uncle Bernhart moved to Bucharest, and from there he emigrated to Israel [then Palestine] in 1947, I think, but I?m not sure. My mother didn't receive much news from him, and he died there shortly after he got there, and after his death we didn't hear much from his family.

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Interviewee: Melitta Seiler
Andreea Laptes
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Brasov, Romania


Bernhart Sternschein
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after WW II

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