Bartek Buszko

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This is my only grandson, Bartek. The photo was taken in Warsaw in 2004.

My daughter, Ewa, lives in Poland. She went to school to Czternastka, then to Queen Jadwiga's on Wawelska. She has a degree in agriculture. Then she got married, her husband works for a foreign company, he's got a degree in archaeology. They have one son, Bartek. A handsome boy, tall, 185 centimeters. He was born in 1988. He's studying inland construction at the Warsaw University of Technology. Ewa's husband is a Catholic, a boy from Ochota, he isn't dim, though his mother hardly ever leaves the church, but that isn't a problem. Since she's been to Israel, I'm an older brother in faith, I'm virtually as good as holy. The relationship is really okay. I meet my daughter, my son-in-law on an everyday basis, and with her parents-in-law we also get together from time to time.

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Interviewee: Feliks Nieznanowski
Joanna Fikus
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Warsaw, Poland


Bartek Buszko
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