Bar mitzvah of Reni Kohen

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This is the bar mitzvah of Reni (to my regret I cannot remember his full name), the son of my elder brother Sinto Kohen (first from left standing in the second row). On the photo he is standing dressed in white. The others are my parents Iafa Beniamin Kohen, and Beniamin Shemtov Kohen, sitting in center, third and fourth from left to right, and other relatives, whom I cannot recognize. The photo was taken in 1972 in Tel Aviv.

We were four children: my eldest sister Milka Beniamin Revah (nee Kohen) was born on 13th April 1921 in Samokov; my elder brother Sinto Beniamin Kohen was born on 2nd January 1923 in Samokov and my younger brother Miko Beniamin Kohen was born on 26th June 1926, also in Samokov. We have always been best friends. For example I want to tell one typical history. I remember that before my son Shinto was born my husband's relatives moved me from Plovdiv to Sofia. And there, while I was pregnant in the last month, they showed me where I would live. I went upstairs to the third floor and I nearly fell downstairs with the baby... My husband's mother and brother were coming behind me. When my son was born, I wrote a letter to my husband and his answer was: 'A boy, something to be proud of!' He neither asked me how the delivery went, nor how the child was. Very often the money for the baby went for the needs of my husband's relatives. Then my brother Sinto came, took my child and gave him to my parents who had still not emigrated to Israel.

I remember that as a child my brother Sinto played a mouth the mouthorgan, and later - an accordion. My little brother Miko had inherited my father's talent and sang very well. I also played the violin when I was in high school. So, we made some merry concerts at home, in which everybody took part. Later my brother Sinto was studying medicine in Bulgaria and became a famous doctor. He has a son and a daughter, so at that moment they are in Israel with their children. To my great regret I don't know more about them.

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Interviewee: Lora Melamed
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Reni Kohen
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Tel Aviv
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