Bar mitzvah of Aron

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This is the bar mitzvah of Aron, Solomon Ishakh's grandson. Solomon Ishakh is my husband Aron's younger brother. Unfortunately, I can't name the exact time when this picture was taken, but it was most probably in the 1970s. I know for sure, however, that his bar mitzvah took place in Holon, Israel.

Aron is in the center of the picture. The woman in the blue dress is Sonia, who is the daughter of Moni [Solomon] Ishakh, my husband's brother. The boy's father is Avram, but I can't remember his family name, that is why I have no idea of the boy's family name either. From the right Solomon Ishakh is standing next to his wife, whose name I can't remember. Rebecca Levi, nee Ishakh, is seen on the left - she is my husband's sister. The girl next to her is Shoshana Ishakh, who is the daughter of my husband's youngest brother Samuel. At present she lives in the USA.

After the foundation of the state of Israel we all felt it as our country and our sympathies for the Jewish nation increased even further. During the wars in Israel of 1967 and 1973 we were regularly reading all kinds of commentaries on them in the Bulgarian press, although we didn’t believe in them at all. From the letters we received from our friends there, we knew that the war was incited by the Arabs. I have been to Israel only once – in 1989 – and I loved the life there. When I came back to Bulgaria I felt the difference at once. In fact, from all our relatives it was my husband and I who remained in Bulgaria.

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Patricia Nikolova
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Ruse, Bulgaria


Solomon Ishakh
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Manual Laborer
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Retail Clerk

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Office clerk

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