Aunt Sima with her husband and her uncle

Aunt Sima with her husband and her uncle
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This is a picture of my mother's older sister Sima, my mother's brother Israel Gilberg and Sima's husband. The photo was taken in Mohikev-Podolsk in 1926, when Sima and her husband came to see their family. My mother came from a poorer family than my father, but her family paid attention to giving education to their children. All the children finished secondary school. Sima and Israel studied at the Jewish school for eight years, and the other children studied at the Russian school. After school Israel finished medical college and became a nurse. Nurses didn't have the right to operate at that time, but they were qualified to prescribe treatment. Velvl finished financial college and became an accountant. Ilia, the youngest, finished the same college. The daughters didn't continue their studies after school. My grandfather believed that women had to learn to do housekeeping and get married. Sima, married an owner of fishponds from Bendery, Romania. Sima and her husband had three children. In 1940 Moldova joined the USSR. The Soviet power expropriated the fishponds of Sima's husband. Bendery was in Transnistria. Sima and her children were in ghetto in Transnistria until 1944. They stayed in Bendery after the war. Sima died in 1976. Her three children live in Israel. Israel, lived and worked in Mohilev-Podolsk. He was a nurse, a surgeon and a very good specialist. He was very popular with his patients. He didn't ask for any money for his services from the poor and often left them some money to buy some food and medication. He was married to a Jewish woman from Mohilev-Podolsk. They had four children. Israel died in the 1970s. One of his daughters died; two sons and a daughter live in Israel.

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Chernovtsy , Ukraine


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