Aron Rudiak’s wife Lubov Rudiak and her sister Maria Bruches

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My wife's sister Maria Bruches, born in 1926, (on the left), my wife Lubov Bruches is standing. This photo was taken at the end of an academic year in Odessa in 1940.

I and Lubov Rudiak got marriage in 1952. We had a civil ceremony in the registry office and a small wedding dinner at Lubov parents' home in the evening. Shortly after we got married Lubov finished a Teacher's College in Odessa and joined me in Ternopol.

Lubov was born in Proskurov town in 1929 in a Jewish family. Her family moved to Odessa. Lubov's father worked at a confectionery. Her mother Edes Bruches (nee Levit), born in 1902, had good education. She finished grammar school, could play the piano and knew French. Lubov's mother was a housewife before the war raising her two daughters: Lubov and her older sister Maria. Lubov's family wasn't religious. They evacuated from Odessa in 1941. It turned out that we left Odessa on the same 'Dnepr' boat and they were in evacuation in Northern Kazakhstan. During the war Lubov's mother was director of a children's home and after they returned to Odessa she went to work at a children's home. Her daughters followed into their mother's steps: they studied languages and were intelligent people. My wife's sister Maria married a Jewish man from Odessa in 1950. In late 1970 they moved to USA. Maria's husband died a short time afterward and she was raising her daughter. They live in New York. We didn't have any contacts with them for a long time and in late 1980s we began to receive letters from them. They write that they are doing well and are happy.

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Zhanna Litinskaya
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Ternopol, Ukraine


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