Aron Anjel with the head of municipality for Istanbul, Dr Lütfi Kirdar

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When I returned to Istanbul, the first thing I did was go to the home of Henri Prost to thank him for the kindness he showed me in Paris. He expressed that he followed my work closely and that he was happy with my accomplishments and when he asked "Would you work with me?", you can imagine my delight. Immediately, we started working on Yalova Development Plan. Bursa plan followed this. We were working in the office of Prost who could not return to Paris because of the war and because France was under occupation. One day he asked me: "I met with the mayor and head of the municipality of Istanbul. I talked about you with praise and suggested that you work with me in the position of Istanbul Municipality City Consultant. He accepted. What would you say? I said "I work with you anyways, and this is a big compliment and honor for me". I started working officially on the Istanbul Development Plan with Prost with great pleasure. I worked with Prost for 16 years this way. In the meantime the Office of Technical Development was established in the Municipality and I obtained the honor of becoming the first city planner of Turkey. Everyone who worked in the office were architects and I was the only city planning expert. When the contract of Prost expired in 1952, the agreement was not renewed with the difference of one vote by the Istanbul Municipality Council that was formed by the newly elected Democracy Party. I was assigned as the Head Consultant for the Development Plan Bureau instead of Henri Prost with the suggestion of the mayor and head of the municipality Dr. Lütfü Kirdar In the photograph, I am at the ceremony laying the foundation for the Sports and Exhibition Palace building at the No. 2 Park area along with the mayor and head of municipality of Istanbul, Dr Lütfi Kirdar and the rest of the dignitaries.

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Interviewee: Aron Anjel
Naim Güleryüz
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Istanbul, Turkey


Aron Anjel
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Ottoman Empire
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