Arkadi Milgrom’s father Itsyk Milgrom and uncle Moishe Milgrom

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    Russia, pre 1917
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My father Itsyk is sitting and his brother Moishe Milgrom is standing. This photo was taken in the late 1910s in Lvov when my father was visiting there.

My father Itsyk Milgrom was born in 1898. He inherited grandfather Iosif's color of hair and now he was called 'redhead' Itsyk. He was short, shortsighted and wore glasses since childhood. Although my father studied in cheder, he wasn't religious, but he observed traditions showing respect to the older. He even occasionally went to the synagogue with grandfather. My father could read and write in Yiddish and Ukrainian, but he didn't have a real education. At about 13 he became an apprentice of painter Skarupski who didn't have children and he taught my father the smallest details of his craft. If it hadn't been for the revolution and Civil war my father would have become a skilled master of his craft. Until the middle 1920s my father worked with Skarupski. My father married my mother in 1919. Their marriage was prearranged by matchmakers which was customary with Jewish families, though my parents knew each other since childhood. My father took part in the celebration of Sabbath out of respect for my grandfather. He couldn't observe traditions properly since he had to go to work at the sugar refinery and, besides, he wasn't a true believer.

My father’s brother Moishe, born in 1901. During the Civil War Moishe moved to Poland. He lived in Opole Lublin district. My father happened to visit Lvov in the 1930s. He met with Moishe and was photographed with him. This is the only memorable we have from my father's brother Moishe. This is all information I have about him.

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Interviewee: Arkadi Milgrom
Zhanna Litinskaya
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Kherson, Ukraine


Itsyk Milgrom
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Manivtsy village
before WW II:
Manual laborer

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