Anna Mass with her daughter Irena

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It’s me with my daughter Irena, in Dzierzoniow

Me and my husband got married after returning to Poland. And a daughter was already under way. I believed we should have four children. Because if my husband's sisters have no kids, I should have more, but my husband didn't want to. I had light deliveries, could go on. But my husband worked, and I didn't. He provided for us. That's how it looked. I have two daughters, Irena and Marysia, and three grandchildren. Irena was born 30th October 1946, and Marysia 18th April 1949. When I was pregnant with my second daughter - in Dzierzoniow, after the war - one of the tenants in our house was a young man who was a shochet and also made circumcisions for the whole Wroclaw province. And he asks me, 'What will you do if it's a son?' And I say, 'There'll be no circumcision.' The war taught us that it's a distinguishing mark. If I lived in Israel, among Jews - yes. But here - no. How many Jews on the Aryan side died, perished because of that? I thought his eyes would pop out, so angry he was at me for saying that. Well, but I delivered a daughter and the case was closed.

Irena completed a high school, and Marysia has a law degree from the Warsaw University. And she has also recently completed a two-year psychology course. Irena is a healer and works three times a week in her son's shop. Marysia held a directorial position at the bank PKO SA [one of the biggest banks in Poland], and today she's retired and she's involved in… things of beauty, her latest hobby are watercolors. Irena has one son, Radoslaw Adam Zabawa. He was born in 1978. He runs a store called Fraida where you can buy all kinds of New Age stuff, for healers, and so on. He completed a high school but didn't want to take the graduation exams. Marysia has two kids, Katarzyna Liwia Bucyk, born in 1977, and Marek Winicjusz Bucyk, born in 1981. 

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Interviewee: Anna Mass
Marta Cobel-Tokarska
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Warsaw, Poland


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Irena Mass
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