Anna Fuchs’ wedding picture

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    Romania (1920-1945)
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    Margit Kaufmann

This is the wedding picture of my eldest sister, Anna Fuchs, nee Kaufmann. My sister Margit took this picture in Carei in 1935.

Anci got married on 7th April 1935. It was an arranged marriage. Her husband was called Bertalan Fuchs, he was a railway official, originally from Szatmar. His parents lived in Szatmarnemeti. My sister had her civil marriage in the morning, and the religious marriage at 1pm, because their train was bound to set off sometime in the afternoon; they went for their honeymoon to Debrecen. They had their religious marriage at home: they brought a four-legged chuppah to the house, made from claret-colored velvet, interwoven with spun gold. Everything was kept very simple: only the rabbi, shochet, Berti's parents and our family attended the ceremony. Then they had to throw a dinner at home. After the wedding we bought a house for Anci in Szatmar. The house was on Jokai Street, in the clerks' district. My two uncles from Budapest paid for it. They were really nice. After the wedding my sister continued to work. At first they were in Nagykaroly, then they moved to Szatmarnemeti after they had bought a house there.

They then moved to Krajova, because my brother-in-law was transferred there. They had a very nice life. My brother-in-law was a fair, honest and very decent person. Their daughter was born on 22nd September 1937. She was beautiful! She had silky, auburn hair. On the top of her head her hair was cannon-curled; her mother used to roll up her hair in paper so she could sleep and for it not to be too hard, and in the morning, when she unwrapped it, it was standing. In 1940, when it was again the Hungarian era, they hurried back to Nagykaroly. I wish they had remained in Craiova! If they had stayed there, they wouldn't have been deported.

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Interviewee: Klara Markus
Emoke Major
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Maramarossziget, Romania


Anna Fuchs
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Austria-Hungary pre 1918
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German-occupied Poland
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Corset & bra maker
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