Anna Dremlug at a demonstration

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This photo was taken in 1938 in Bologoye. Here you see me on the meeting, celebrating the First of May. I told the hello speech on this meeting (on behalf of all pioneers and school children of Bologoye).

I recall with pleasure both pioneers' camps and military games: we had to find a hidden flag and so on.

At the pioneer's camps military games were popular, which had to prepare youth to defend their Motherland, usually children were separated into two teams, put on different uniforms and were 'fighting'. Their goal was to find Staff of the enemies and to take their flag.

I and Rebecca [Rebecca Alpert, my school friend, shi lived in Petersburg and we are still great friends with her], we participated in school Komsomol bureau [the ruling Komsomol organ], and once they decided to edit a statement about paying for studies, and we told everyone about our resentment.

Then they called us up just to this bureau and gave us a dressing down, and said that it was no need to talk.

What to Stalin, I remember such an occasion. Ghenya, my father' sister, went to Leningrad and stayed at ours. And suddenly she noticed that a picture, which I liked very much, picture with Stalin, holding a girl, hangs next to Igor's (my son). bed. And she said: 'How come did you put this monster near child's bed?' I was surprised, but took the picture off.

And after Stalin died, I cried, and we all cried. Later, of course, we began to understand what was going on.

I've been a member of Communist party too, in Soviet times most of the people tried to join it. But nowadays I'm not for communists, I'm much more for democracy and democrats, even though my husband continued to support communists and their ideology.

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Nika Parhomovskaya
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