Anelia Kasabova's aunt Sofi and uncle Haim

Anelia Kasabova's aunt Sofi and uncle Haim
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    Bulgaria, 1878-1944
This is a photo of my aunt Sofi, nee Elazar, and her husband Haim. I don?t know his surname. The picture was taken in Sofia in the 1940s. Aunt Sofi was the second oldest sister of my mother. She married a butcher who worked at Halite [a big shop in the centre of Sofia]. Halite was an enormous butcher's shop at the time. After they emigrated to Israel, my aunt Sofi's husband Haim went on dealing with retail trade but they didn't fix themselves up very well. They lived in the town of Jafo where I visited them. Their family lived a humble life in Sofia and in Israel also. I remember that they lived in a small Arabian house in the center of the town and Uncle Haim used to sit on a chair and sell chocolates and cigarettes.

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Interviewee: Anelia Kasabova
Dimitar Bozhilov
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Sofia, Bulgaria
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