Alexandra Kissová's wedding

Alexandra Kissová's wedding
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This picture was taken in Bratislava in the 2000s at the wedding of my granddaughter, Alexandra Kissová, neé Piovarcsyová. Standing by her side is her future husband, Andrej Kiss. Those behind them are their witnesses. My granddaughter and I see each other regularly, because we live in the same building. My daughter moved to Petrzalka and I stayed here. But after some time, a great deal of tension developed between my granddaughter and my son-in-law, so my granddaughter moved in with me. She got married and had a daughter, which all happened at my place. The building where we live at one time belonged to the National Committee. There was a nursery school, the police, and something else here. When my grandson went into business, he liked the building, and bought it from the National Committee for his company, and made it into this family building. Now we all live here together, four generations. I, the senior, am on the ground floor, then my granddaughter with her family, then my daughter with my son-in-law, and finally my grandson. That's my salvation, because otherwise I'd be here all alone, like a tree in the desert, if I didn't have my family here.

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Bratislava, Slovakia


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