Alexander Gadjos in front of the Wailing Wall

Alexander Gadjos in front of the Wailing Wall
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This photo, which shows me in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, was taken during my visit to Israel in the year 2000. I try to go someplace on vacation every year. I get a contribution for my being a veteran of the Czechoslovak Army, to that I add some money, and spend it on traveling. About five years ago, I went to visit Israel. It was with a tour group. Life there was like I had imagined it. Busy streets, cafés. The roads there are top-notch. Outside of town they were all lit up, which you won't find here. I said to myself that it's quite good. As far as standard of living goes, that I don't know. I wasn't there that long to be able to judge. What surprised me? I happened to be in Natanya during Sabbath. I was expecting that on Saturday everything would be quiet. In the morning I got up, went to the window, and everywhere there were traffic jams. There were as many cars as during a weekday. The beaches were also full, and the streets were constantly busy.

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Interviewee: Alexander Gajdos
Martin Korcok
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Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Alexander Gajdos
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Jewish community employee
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