Albertos Beraha's membership card of the Technical Chamber of Greece

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This is my first membership card of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

I enrolled in the Technical Chamber of Greece just before I left for Paris.

That was the year after I graduated from the Polytechnic School and got my degree as a Civil Engineer in 1952.

I went to Paris to do a training program, working for not too much money at an office, as a mechanic for a company. I stayed there for two years and I really enjoyed myself.

I felt comfortable, as I was fluent in French. My work included designs and reports, whatever the job of a mechanic generally includes.

I came back because I was the only child and my mother was unhappy about me being abroad but I went on a beautiful trip.

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Interviewee: Albertos Beraha
Annita Mordechai
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Athens, Greece


Albertos Beraha
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Working in natural and technical sciences

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