Albert Weisz in front of the Upholsterer Co-operative

Albert Weisz in front of the Upholsterer Co-operative
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My father, Albert Weisz, is in this picture, in front of the Upholsterer Co-operative. He is the third from the left, the short old man in a cloak. The photo was taken in Budapest in the 1960s. My father learned accounting at a very young age. I don't know where. He dealt with the tax return and everything related to accounting in all the shops of the family when he was young. The framing business was rather an attempt. My father wanted to have more things to depend on, that's why he opened a shop, because he had the qualification for that. He did the accounting of the framing shop too, but there he actively took part in the physical work too. He started accounting much earlier. I remember that my father had done accounting before he opened the shop. I remember that he kept accounts for a merchant called Mor Hahn, who had a hardware store on Ulloi Avenue. He was drafted into forced labor for a couple months during the war, but I don't know where. Fortunately he came back, and lived through the deportations in Budapest. In the meantime he kept working as an accountant, for very many shops. We lived off that. He didn't work at home, but he always went where he had to do the accounts. He made tax returns and when the Deri Street Carpenter Co-operative was established he became an accountant there. He was already a pensioner when he joined the co-operative.

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Budapest, Hungary


Albert Weisz
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